Spatial reasoning tests are widely used during selection processes which require the ability to use practical and visual skills. This type of reasoning test is quite new to the 11+ and it is now tested in GL Assessment tests. It is a skill that is the basis of success in STEM (Science, Technology. Engineering and Maths) subjects and competence is said to be mostly inherited, however, tests have proven that children can improve their skills quite dramatically with targeted practice. Children with an aptitude for maths and science tend to have an aptitude for spatial reasoning questions and most children will have come across some question types in the UK CATS tests.

Our top quality 11 plus mocks have been designed to give your child an authentic exam experience, reflective of the actual 11+ GL Assessment test they will sit in September. The 11 plus mock exam mirrors the same format and contains questions of a similar style and level to the real thing. Each test is unique, so your child can sit the exam on each of the days if you wish. A detailed feedback report will be sent within 72 hours identifying any areas needing attention.

We believe in order to help children improve, it’s important to review the mock exam. We provide students/parents the opportunity to access Tops online testing portal to view the questions that were answered incorrectly.

Key Features:
– Large hall exam setting
– Two separate papers each of approximately 50-55 minutes duration
– Timed sub-sections testing verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability
– A short break between papers
– Instructions administered via an audio recording
– Answer sheets marked using OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) scanning technology
– Online review of questions answered incorrectly

Our latest books to be published are two comprehension workbooks. Ideal for all 11+ exams including GL Assessment and CEM Durham, the books contain a collection of varied and stimulating texts, together with questions to help improve essential comprehension skills and build vocabulary.