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GL Practice Papers

Our GL Assessment practice papers are written by 11+ experts. The papers have been trialled on 100’s of past students preparing for the 11+ test, to ensure they are the correct level. Similar in layout to the actual exam, the tests have been produced to replicate the actual exam experience with timed sections and a multiple choice answer sheet. Solutions for non-verbal and spatial reasoning sections are included as standard.

The 11 plus content includes:

English – comprehension, spelling, punctuation, word choice and grammar.
Mathematics – curriculum maths including knowledge of times tables, mental arithmetic, graphs, problem-solving and worded maths problems including fractions, percentages and decimals, and weights and measures.
Verbal Reasoning – 21 GL Assessment VR types and vocabulary. The VR types include identifying patterns and codes, logic and problem-solving skills and similarities and differences between words (synonyms and antonyms).
Non-verbal reasoning and spatial reasoning including matrices, series, most unlike, figure analysis, hole punch, folding paper, hidden shapes, 3D cubes, nets, make a pair, families, odd one out, vertical codes, horizontal codes, analogies, jigsaws, wallpaper, spatial awareness, missing piece. Applying mathematical skills – symmetry, rotation, reflection and problem-solving skills and logical thinking.
Our GL assessment practice papers are exclusively available through Tops and are available to print immediately after purchase.

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