Enrolment Terms And Conditions

If a student is absent we will endeavour to cover the work that has been missed but we do not refund for missed lessons. We are unable to offer catch-up sessions or change of days but parents are welcome to collect the weekly homework.

Under certain circumstances, where a student needs extra support, we may recommend additional books/material. The cost of this material is not covered by our standard fees.

We understand that if your circumstances change you may need to withdraw your child from the course. We believe you should be able to do this giving us a reasonable notice period of six sessions; notice must be given in writing.
If a child leaves part way through the course, we reserve the right to charge for the books and material supplied.

All materials created in-house are copyright, it is agreed that you will not copy, publish or distribute any material without our written permission. All assessment papers and mock tests are kept in-house for internal use.

Access to Tops online practice/testing site is solely for your child’s benefit. As a parent and user of this site, you agree that access is solely for the personal and private use of your child.  You will not print or save the content or allow access to any third party. All content is copyright and any printing, transfer, distribution, copying or reproduction is strictly prohibited. 
Students due to attend classes on bank holidays will be offered a change of day within the week of the bank holiday. No refund will be given if a child is unable to attend.

The mock exams and summer review course form part of the Year 5 & Late Transfer test courses. No refund will be given for non-attendance, or if your child leaves during the course.

The initial payment is non-refundable.

Fees are payable by standing order on the first of the month. In the event that the payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cease tutoring your child. The six weeks notice period will still apply under these circumstances.