It’s understood that some children perform better with the benefit of an extra 18 months of age, education and preparation time. The Bucks Late Transfer test determines which students are suitable for entry into a grammar school in Year 8 (12+) or Year 9 (13+). The test is intended for children who didn’t achieve the required score in the 11+ or for those children who didn’t take the test.

We have been preparing children for the Late Entry test (12+/13+) for over 10 years. Many children who did not do well in the 11+ (due to a number of reasons), join Tops and go on and perform extremely well in the Late Entry test. 

Most grammar schools in Bucks use a GL paper-based test for the Late Transfer Test (administered by Bucks CC), which includes a combination of maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal/spatial reasoning tests.

Wycombe High School for Girls use a computer-based test commissioned by CEM Durham and both Dr Challoner’s Boys and Royal Grammar School (RGS) write their own curriculum-based papers.

There are less places available via the late transfer procedure, so it’s important to be realistic about the chances of securing a place. Some schools have a waiting list of successful candidates and in some cases children who were successful at 12+ are not offered a place and go on to sit the 13+.

The vast majority of Tops students pass (around 92% on average succeed) and we believe our Late Entry Preparation course will give your child the best chance of success.

We review the GL VR question types, cover comprehension skills, practice non-verbal, develop problem solving skills and introduce new question types that have been in previous 12+/13+exams. The course also includes two professionally run mock exams.

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