Bucks GL 11 Plus Mock A 12th May 2024




12 May GL Mock A Papers 1 & 2 3.30-5.30pm at Tops

For most children, the 11+ is the first formal test they will encounter in their lives. For many primary schools, it’s the only time they require children to take a test at individual desks in the school hall. This is understandably daunting for children of such a young age and in too many cases is what prevents them from doing as well as they deserve. 

Mock tests are not just about testing knowledge, they’re about helping the children to become comfortable in a formal test environment. There’s lots to cope with: the unfamiliarity of test instructions being delivered by a strange voice on a CD, working at speed, under pressure with questions and answers on separate sheets and concentrating in an environment where the behaviour of other children can be distracting.

Our 11+ mock papers for CEM and GL exams, mirror the format of the actual tests and contain questions of a similar style and level of difficulty. Our tests are held in the exam hall of a secondary school,* making the environment very similar to the day of the test. The papers are written by 11+ experts and are trialled on past students preparing for the 11+ exam, to ensure they are the right level.


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